Stock Compensation Planning

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We have extensive experience with incentive (ISO), non qualified (NSO), employee purchase, (ESPP) and restricted (RSU) stock plans. Our strategic planning expertise covers both pre and post IPO companies. We have assisted founders, executives and staffers of some of Silicon Valley’s most prominent companies. Including Tesla, Google, Apple, Snowflake, Palantir and many others.




Our practice features tax planning and consulting services needed by individuals with complex financial profiles. We focus in helping our clients navigate the complexities of the internal revenue code as it relates to their financial assets and investments. With experience in both domestic and international tax laws, we provide holistic individual services and can advise on a broad range of issues not limited to the following: stock options, rental properties, charitable giving, and reporting of foreign assets. In addition, we advise on more complicated issues such as qualified small business stock (QSBS), Like-Kind exchanges (Section 1031), and much more. Finally, we strive to work with our client’s financial advisors, attorneys, and other fiduciaries to facilitate integrated financial strategies in the best interest of our clients.




We advise small business owners in a diverse set of industries and at all stages of their entities business cycle. Our clients include corporations (both subchapter C & S), partnerships, and sole proprietorships. We often help our clients determine which choice of entity is best suited for their business needs. Alternatively, we can help determine the tax impact upon sale or dissolution of a business. Finally, we often serve as the tax advisor to our clients from both an individual and business perspective. This relationship has proven to be effective as we are able to strategize the impact their business has on individual financial profile.